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Canopy ventilation window Profitex

Canopy ventilation window. 90 mm diameter, easy installation.

The Profitex Window vent is a great device to vent canopy or to cool down the crew in a hot days. Direction and the air flow value is controled by turning the knob, inside the cabin.


  1. Draw circle dia. 63 mm on the canopy surface in a place of expected Profitex location.
  2. Drill the hole.We recomend high speed drill gun grinder (Dremmel) with the drill bit or grind cutter of small diameter.
  3. Deburr the hole edges.
  4. Mark the Profitex position, of its four holes, dia. 4 mm.(check the air wind direction)
  5. Drill four holes dia. 4,1mm, deburr the holes.
  6. Install the window vent (tighten the scews very gently, to avoid canopy material cracking)

Manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by incorect installation!

Price: 16 EUR
Type: New product
Posted on: 22.5.2011
Expires on: 9.1.2019 (15 weeks 3 days)
Region: Zlin Region (Zlinsky kraj) (Czech Republic)
Contact: Marek Vala
E-mail: falconaircraft@email.cz
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