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Another Day, Another Piper...

We have purchased another Classic Piper from Virginia! This time it is the Paper Pacer 150Hp! Arrival to our Airbase is planed in March 20-th!   Falcon Aircraft Team  »

Cessna C172N STC Upgrade for 180 Hp!

Our company is performing STC for Cessna C172N - upgrade for 180 Hp! http://www.airplains.com/cessna-172-n-conversion This will improve the old C172 Skyhawk performace!   Falcon Aircraft Team »

P.F. 2019!

All the best in New year 2019!   Falcon Aircraft Team »

Piper L18C Super Cub 1954

Another project of Piper L18C Super Cub in progress...   Falcon Aircraft Team  »

Pitts Special, Second Test Flight Day!

Pitts Special, Second Test Flight Day!   Falcon Aircraft Team »

Merlin 110 TDO Roll Out!

Merlin 110 TDO Roll Out! We have finished the Merlin 110 TDO project in cooperation with TechProAviation company. With installed Vanguard Briggs & Straton OHV 31Hp engine, the aircraft empty weight is 190 Kg. Plane is ready for the comprehensive flight testing now...   TechProAviation s.r.o. website: http://techproaviation.com/?lang=cs     Read more »

Vultee Stinson L5 Ferry Flight from Germany to Pilsen

On Friday, ve have made Vultee Stinson L5 ferry flight from Germany full of refugees - to Pilsen. The weather window was very good for this part of a year, so over some little technical problems in the begining, we got to aircraft's new base before the sunset... More photos in the Galery Falcon Aircraft team  »

S2A Pitts Special!

Final assembly work on the Classic Oldtimer - 1972 Pitts Special S2-A is very close to the Roll Out!   Falcon Aircraft Team   »

Boeing Stearman Test Flown!

Boeing Stearman Test Flown!   Falcon Aircraft Team »

Boeing PT-17 Stearman Roll Out!

Boeing PT-17 Stearman Roll Out! »